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CAP Services, Inc.-Rentals | Colby-Abbotsford Senior Village | Colby Cottages

CAP Services, Inc.-Rentals | Colby-Abbotsford Senior Village | Colby Cottages

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About Us

CAP Services’ mission is to transform people and communities to advance social and economic justice.

CAP Services, Inc. has been on the front-line of the war on poverty since 1966. CAP, a private, non-profit corporation, offers programs in Marquette, Outagamie, Portage, Waupaca, and Waushara counties. CAP Services is headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with offices in each of the five counties it serves.

Nearly three dozen programs are offered by CAP Services through four departments to help people attain economic and emotional self-sufficiency. Our rental program office is located at 205 E. Main Street in Wautoma.

Since the War of Poverty was declared by President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964, community action agencies have been charged with addressing poverty by purposefully engaging low-income people in shaping the programs and services they needed. CAP Services achieves this through its governance (one-third of the seats on CAP’s Board of Directors are low-income representatives) and through its triennial needs assessment survey.

Every three years, each of the community action agencies across the country conduct a needs assessment survey of low-income individuals. CAP surveys over 2,000 households within its service area. Responses are reviewed and prioritized by CAP’s Board of Directors.

Social and economic equity strengthens our communities.
We are charged with advocating and creating opportunities to generate permanent, positive change.

CAP Services, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity and service provider.


Colby-Abbotsford Senior Village
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